Committee for International Co-operation Between Cotton Associations

CICCA subscribes to and wholly supports the concept of the sanctity of contracts and good trading practice.

CICCA endeavours to promote the proper performance of contracts and to lessen the circumstances which lead to disputes. It also assists in ensuring compliance with arbitration awards.

CICCA Member Associations all adhere to the principle that when a contract is made it should be executed as agreed - failing this then the disadvantaged party should be adequately compensated. This principle is enshrined in the commercial and contract law of most trading nations and is supported by long standing international treaties concerning the enforcement of arbitration awards. It is neither honourable nor acceptable to abrogate responsibility for contract performance simply because it is no longer financially beneficial to fulfil previously agreed obligations.

Mission Statement:

CICCA’s mission is to provide a more representative and influential organisation through which members are able to unite behind the principal of the sanctity of contracts and good trading practice. In so doing the Committee seeks to further develop its infrastructure to assist the Industry to prosper in an increasingly competitive and technological environment.


The Committee’s principle objectives are to:

  • support the enlargement of CICCA by encouraging into membership cotton organisations, whether they are arbitration authorities or not, including Spinning Mills and their Associations, providing such organisations adhere to the Committee’s principles;
  • uphold the standards of good trading practices and the ethic of the sanctity of contracts;
  • help ensure that dispute resolution procedures are adhered to and any consequential award upheld;
  • maintain contact with other international organisations concerned or associated with the cotton industry, as and when may be considered appropriate;
  • provide an opportunity for discussion between Member-Organisations in order to assist the cotton trade to prosper;
  • circulate to Member-Organisations a consolidated list of firms reported to have failed to properly comply with valid arbitration awards made by Member-Organisations;
  • provide a directory of firms trading in cotton, which are members of cotton Associations elected as Member-Organisations of CICCA;
  • promote the value and benefits of membership of CICCA within the Industry and with Governments.