Committee for International Co-operation Between Cotton Associations

Why Join CICCA?

CICCA encourages and welcomes into membership cotton organisations, whether they are arbitration authorities or not, including Textile Mill Associations, providing such organisations adhere to the principal of the sanctity of contracts in international cotton trade. Specifically:

  • open membership to non-traders;
  • seek to embrace Textile Mill Associations;
  • recognise all associations engaged in the purchase and sale of cotton;
  • enshrine the principal of sanctity of contracts;
  • provide regulations that will oblige members to police their own members;
  • comprise members who are prepared to share common values and be prepared to act as a mutual influence group.

Membership is open to organisations or associations that have a direct relationship with a specific recognised cotton authority and is subject to the approval of the existing members who require written confirmation that the Nation State, through its representative member is prepared to support the following membership criteria:

“Recognised Associations representing members engaged in the sale and purchase of cotton are eligible for membership provided that its members are required under their Bylaws to comply with valid arbitration awards or to accept the responsibility to encourage its members to comply with the principle of sanctity of contracts and to adhere to the process of arbitration.”

How to Join

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For further information please contact:

Secretary CICCA,
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Tel: +44 (0)151 236 6041