Committee for International Co-operation Between Cotton Associations

The Trading Rules

Maximum safeguard will be provided by being a member or registered with the association under whose rules it is intended to trade and by gaining a thorough understanding of those rules.


By joining an association, firms will also have a greater opportunity to influence the rules of that association. If the delicate balance between the needs of the various sectors in the industry is to be maintained, then it is essential that the composition of the association be fully representative of all sectors.


Some of the CICCA Member Association provide an arbitration service and can publish an award in the event of a dispute, provided that it has proper jurisdiction. There is no international law of arbitration. Arbitration must be conducted under the control of the courts of the country in which the relevant association is located. The function of the courts is to ensure that justice is done.

Arbitration Award

The essential outcome of arbitration is an award which is enforceable through the courts in accordance with the provisions of the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards - 1958 New York Convention. CICCA Member Associations will seek to ensure that each award is made under conditions which qualify it to be a 'Convention Award'.

Enforcement of Arbitration Awards

CICCA Associations always try to ensure that every award is an enforceable document. They strive hard to avoid the possibility of having an award thrown out by the courts on the grounds that the arbitration was not properly administered, despite the fact that this often leads to criticism that the arbitration process takes too long. However, the Association having done its job, it is entirely up to the party with an award in its favour to take enforcement action. The Association involved can provide evidence of documentation in support of the enforcement procedure.