Committee for International Co-operation Between Cotton Associations

By trading with firms that are members of the CICCA Member Associations, you can be sure you are dealing with a firm that is recognised and worthy of registration with leading international associations and has not failed at any stage to abide by a legally recognised arbitration award made against it.

Please contact individual CICCA Member Associations for their latest directory:

Africa Association Cotonnière Africaine Website
Argentina Asociación para la promoción de la Producción Algodonera Website
Australia Australian Cotton Shippers Association Website
Bangladesh Bangladesh Cotton Association
Brazil Bolsa Brasileira de Mercadorias Website
China China Cotton Association Website
Egypt Alexandria Cotton Exporters Association
France Association Française Cotonnière Website
Germany Bremer Baumwollbörse Website
India Cotton Association of India Website
Japan Japan Cotton Traders' Association Website
Pakistan Karachi Cotton Association Website
Poland Gdynia Cotton Association Website
Spain Centro Algodonero Nacional Website
Turkey Izmir Commodity Exchange Website
UK International Cotton Association Website
USA American Cotton Shippers Association Website
Secretariat The International Cotton Association Ltd Website

Mr Atif Dada
Karachi Cotton Association

Mr Josep Artigas
Vice Chair CICCA
Centro Algodonero Nacional

Mr Bill Kingdon
Secretary CICCA
6th Floor, Walker House
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Liverpool L2 3YL